Sandra Semedo

12 April 2017

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A great and promising future is in the hands of our children.  With the proper guidance, they can create a better world for all.  This is why our organization works so hard to help better educate our children in Cape Verde.

As our organization grows, it is very important that our teams grows along with it.  We are always looking for individuals who has a passion for giving back.


We are working to provide 100 up-to-date functioning laptops to schools in cape verde to that the students can have access to online education materials.  We are now in the age of technology, and in order for our youth to be able to get experience in tech, they will need the tools to do so.  That is why we started a fundraiser to purchase and send these laptops back to Cape Verde.  We will also accept donated functional and up to date laptops.

Our book drive is also a very important cause for our organization.  We are aiming to raise $5,000 for new textbooks and novels for the school libraries in Cape Verde.  Even though we are in a technology driven age, we want our children to understand the importants of reading.  Book donations are greatly appreciated.


Sandra Semedo




We are always accepting volunteers to help our organization with our events or even wanting to join our team.  The benefit of sponsoring our event is the ability to promote your company or organization to a new audience.  If you would like to volunteer, be a sponsor, or join our team, please leave your information below, and we will make sure to contact you as soon as possible

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